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Open Source Software eats everything.

OSS Capital globally invests exclusively in early-stage COSS (commercial open-source software) startup companies.

OSS Capital’s mission is to catalyze the commercial open-source software (COSS) investment landscape by rethinking the traditional VC model by focusing exclusively on backing and supporting early-stage COSS founders of the next-generation.

OSS Capital is backed and supported by the previous generation of the worlds most successful and experienced COSS founders who have collectively: - Started 40 + of the worlds largest and most successful COSS companies - Unlocked $16 billion + in aggregate annual revenue - Driven $70 billion + in outcomes/exits across IPOs, M&A and PE events - Captured $145 billion + in aggregate value - Created 44,000 + full-time OSS jobs - Raised $9 billion + in venture capital

If you are a COSS founder looking for the worlds most differentiated lifecycle agnostic source of capital for your venture, look no further than OSS Capital.

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